[35A School St., Andover, Mass.]

T. S.Eliot
19 Carlyle Mansions
22 July 1954
Dearest Emily,

I was glad to get your letter of the 16th, and to learn that you were in Andover, not Boston, and that a Miss Tucker had been found for your aunt. I hope you will soon put a greater distance between yourself and Boston. You were right about Mr. Wason: after an apologetic reference to his deafness he took a modest corner and nothing was heard from him. He looked most agreeable, as indeed they all were: but the conversation at the tea table was rather monopolised by the very talkative sister-in-law (I was not sure whether she was Mr or Mrs Wason’s sister-in-law). The car must have been the same: for indeed it was somewhat shabby, and the springs lacking in springiness. It was a pity that the Admiral (if that was an Admiral) had the benevolent desire to show us so much of the island; forEliot, Marion Cushing (TSE's sister)1954 trip to England with Dodo;h5;a2 it was that bumpy drive that was too much for Marian – she had enjoyed the tea party very much. She is well, I think, and looks better for this holiday, which I am sure she enjoyed. Of course she can do very little: a short drive and a short walk, or, if she goes out to a meal, nothing else in a day after seeing people. We have been comfortable – I engaged a cottage in the hotel grounds: expensive, but then, as I can do nothing for anybody (or very little) in America, I might as well do everything I can do for my visitors here. (WhichHalls, the;a3 reminds me that I shall have to have Dick and Amy Hall to a meal in August!)

WeatherSmith, Theodora ('Dodo') Eliot (TSE's niece)1954 visit to England;d7;a2 better this week, but still very cool for July. We go back to London tomorrow – Marian and Theodora go to Cambridge on Monday,

With much love
Eliot, Marion Cushing (TSE's sister), described, her reading habits, not a suitable confidant, TSE reflects on reunion with, Symphony concerts with TSE, to the cinema with TSE, delighted with first Norton lecture, recommends TSE hairdresser for baldness, attends second Norton lecture, hosts birthday party for Margaret, remembered in St. Louis, worried by Dodo's manner, TSE's pride in, vigilant on TSE's health, on Randolph family holiday, congratulates TSE on separation, 1934 summer in England with Dodo, July arrival anticipated, arrangements for, visit to Chipping Campden, off to Salisbury, walks to Kelmscott, returns from Winchester, forces Regent's Park on TSE, excessively humble, next to Ada in TSE's affections, protects TSE from overbearing Hinkleys, supported Landon over FDR, co-hosts Murder party, 1939 summer in England with Dodo, trip in doubt, Southwold week planned, due 19 June, taken to Dulwich, ballet and dinner with, Southwold holiday with, given to post-lunch naps, sends Christmas supplies to Shamley, as correspondent, easiest Eliot in Ada's absence, experiences crisis, importance as sister, Henry's fondness for, devoutly Unitarian, ignorant of Henry's true condition, undernourished, abortive 1948 summer in England, cancelled, which comes as relief, hosts family dinner-party, letter about Nobel Prize to, TSE leaves money with, 1949 visit to England with Dodo, June arrival anticipated, plans for, EH bids 'bon voyage', visit to Cambridge, return from Southwold, Borders tour, Basil Street Hotel stay, Thanksgiving with, reports on Dr Perkins's funeral, efforts to support financially, tethered to Margaret, joins TSE in St. Louis, 1954 trip to England with Dodo, visit to Ely and Cambridge, in light of Margaret's death, invoked against EH, TSE to Theresa on,

1.Marian/MarionEliot, Marion Cushing (TSE's sister) Cushing Eliot (1877–1964), fourth child of Henry Ware Eliot and Charlotte Eliot: see Biographical Register.

Smith, Theodora ('Dodo') Eliot (TSE's niece), 1931 visit to England, described, to lunch with Lucia Joyce and Barbara Hutchinson, TSE's almost fatherly affection for, in contrast to her sister, at Eliot family Thanksgiving, attends second Norton lecture, TSE reports on from Boston, TSE cultivates, and Marion's 1934 visit to England, visit to Chipping Campden, visit to Salisbury, walk with TSE to Kelmscott, Regent's Park visit, TSE on, 1935 visit to England, taken to the ballet, at the Russian ballet's Aurore, to tea with cousins, her way of addressing relations, TSE tells Trevelyan about, 1936 visit to England, ballet outing, taken to Cheetham's pageant, taken to Kensington Gardens, returns to America with TSE, 1938 visit to England, with Chardy, and Marion's 1939 visit to England, in doubt, Southwold week, taken to Dulwich, taken to ballet and dinner, writes to TSE, visited in Baltimore, 1949 visit to England, taken to Cambridge, then to Southwold, tours the Borders with TSE, 1950 visit to England, taken to The Cocktail Party, due for the summer, recovering from operation, arrives from Scotland, 1953 visit to England, in Edinburgh for Confidential Clerk, 1954 visit to England, 1955 visit to England, reports on the American weather, 1956 visit to England,

2.TheodoraSmith, Theodora ('Dodo') Eliot (TSE's niece) Eliot Smith (1904–92) – ‘Dodo’ – daughter of George Lawrence and Charlotte E. Smith: see Biographical Register. Theodora’sSmith, Charlotte ('Chardy') Stearns (TSE's niece) sister was Charlotte Stearns Smith (b. 1911), known as ‘Chardy’.