[Stamford House, Chipping Campden]

T. S.Eliot
The Criterion
3 September 1937

Thank you for your note of this morning, as well as your letter of yesterday. I am disappointed not to have written a letter, but there it is. YesterdaySmith, Theodora ('Dodo') Eliot (TSE's niece);b8 I still felt rather feeble, but went out twice for a few minutes (scurrying back from the rain) and Dodo came to tea. I feel quite well again this morning, and shall go to business, and take D. out to dinner. I will attend to the wine in the morning – I was much amused by your remark, as it was obvious that the sherry was not popular! I will try to get something more sweet and sticky this time. ISeaverns, Helen;b4 am glad that the arrangements with Mrs. Seaverns are settled so satisfactorily for Wednesday and Thursday (Friday I shall take D. out for a last dinner, as she sails on Saturday the 11th for Montreal). I like Mrs. S., butBrown, Beatrix Curtis;a1 I am always afraid of meeting Beatrix Curtis Brown there, and for your private information I will tell you that I do not like the lady, and I should not care to put anything on paper about her brother (this especially should be kept private, because he is a literary agent).1 I am thankful that you did not take the cold, either from me or from the household.


1.Spencer Curtis Brown (1906–80), head of the literary agency Curtis Brown founded in 1899 by his father, Albert Curtis Brown.

Brown, Beatrix Curtis,
Seaverns, Helen, finally dines with TSE, teaches TSE card games, bearer of EH's Christmas present, charms TSE, hosts TSE and the Perkinses, entertained by TSE, TSE hesitates to confide in, and Perkinses dine with TSE, to tea with TSE, seeks advice from TSE on transatlantic tourism, her comforts equivalent to Mappie's, houses EH on 1939 arrival, an old spoiled child, disburdens herself over tea, laments life in Hove, removed from grandchildren,

3.HelenSeaverns, Helen Seaverns, widow of the American-born businessman and Liberal MP, Joel Herbert Seaverns: see Biographical Register.

Smith, Theodora ('Dodo') Eliot (TSE's niece), 1931 visit to England, described, to lunch with Lucia Joyce and Barbara Hutchinson, TSE's almost fatherly affection for, in contrast to her sister, at Eliot family Thanksgiving, attends second Norton lecture, TSE reports on from Boston, TSE cultivates, and Marion's 1934 visit to England, visit to Chipping Campden, visit to Salisbury, walk with TSE to Kelmscott, Regent's Park visit, TSE on, 1935 visit to England, taken to the ballet, at the Russian ballet's Aurore, to tea with cousins, her way of addressing relations, TSE tells Trevelyan about, 1936 visit to England, ballet outing, taken to Cheetham's pageant, taken to Kensington Gardens, returns to America with TSE, 1938 visit to England, with Chardy, and Marion's 1939 visit to England, in doubt, Southwold week, taken to Dulwich, taken to ballet and dinner, writes to TSE, visited in Baltimore, 1949 visit to England, taken to Cambridge, then to Southwold, tours the Borders with TSE, 1950 visit to England, taken to The Cocktail Party, due for the summer, recovering from operation, arrives from Scotland, 1953 visit to England, in Edinburgh for Confidential Clerk, 1954 visit to England, 1955 visit to England, reports on the American weather, 1956 visit to England,

2.TheodoraSmith, Theodora ('Dodo') Eliot (TSE's niece) Eliot Smith (1904–92) – ‘Dodo’ – daughter of George Lawrence and Charlotte E. Smith: see Biographical Register. Theodora’sSmith, Charlotte ('Chardy') Stearns (TSE's niece) sister was Charlotte Stearns Smith (b. 1911), known as ‘Chardy’.