[1418 East 63d St., Seattle]

T. S.Eliot
The Criterion
[Pike’s Farm, Crowhurst,
near Lingfield, Surrey]
16 July 1933
Dearest Emily,

TheMorleys, thego on holiday to Norway;a5 Morleys departed yesterday, with rucksacks, for three weeks on a farm in Norway, leaving two servants, and two of the three babies.1 I may be fidgety, but the notion of leaving two inarticulate babies alone for three weeks with young servants has rather worried me. IPike's Farmdaily life at;a5 am as alone now, twentythree miles from London, as one can well be except at the price of doing one’s own cooking etc.; the Eames’s sometimes talk, but not much; there are of course wireless sets in perpetual activity in both houses. Except for the rare passage of a train, a few cars, and the express-planes flying over from Paris and Cologne, this is very rural. I shall not be able to take any more photographs until the Morleys return, as I have lent them my Kodak. I have the run of their house, and supper there. Tomorrow I must spend the day in London, as I have appointments. I find the London days very tiring; there are various reasons for that; but I do not think that I could stay here for a very long period. (I have to clear out for the Eames’s holiday anyway). MorleyMorley, Frank Vigoras châtelain;b7 seems to thrive on it, and when he returns at the end of the day spends all the evening daylight in building chicken houses, brick walls and pavements, dams in the pond, and other pieces of masonry. HisMorley, Christina (née Innes)and country life;a1 wife seems a hardy girl too; I should think, even with three children, she would find this life lonely; and a rough out of doors life is, I fear, conducive to wrinkles, and unfavourable to those finer points of toilette which I like to see women attend to. LifeFabers, thecompared to the Morleys;a9 at the Fabers will be rather different; as Geoffrey’s tastes are rather for shooting, fishing, and the usual activities of a country squire, than for the pioneering activities of Frank. But it is pleasant to be with the Morleys for they seem devoted to each other: one cannot be constantly with a married couple without perceiving whether they get on each others’ nerves or not.

I am still rather torpid, and at the same time (for it is quite compatible) haunted by the demon of restlessness who visits me from time to time. There are several urgent things to do, at the moment, but none to absorb the whole mind; and I dare say that it will be a year before I have established a regularly running life for myself. Adaptation is difficult even when anything is better than the old life. I'Catholicism and the International Order'dreaded;a1 have to prepare aAnglo-Catholic Summer School of SociologyTSE addresses;a1 lecture for the opening meeting of the Anglo-Catholic Summer School at Oxford next week; and the subject of the session is Catholicism and International Order; I don’t know anything about International Order; and to get one more lecture out of me now is flogging a dead donkey.2

I shall feel better when I may hear from you again with some regularity. Writing to a correspondent who cannot respond tends to become merely a chronicle, or a record of the sort of thing one says to oneself, rather than to another: in either case to become rather self-centred. Besides, we both continue to develop and change; and I can register and examine the changes in myself as well as you much better in regular interchange of letters. Not that I have any fear that we shall find it difficult to resume again where we left off! but I like to be aware of your fluctuations of mood – for which reason short frequent letters are more informative than longer ones at longer intervals; the latter tend to represent, more often, an amalgam, or even a suppression of mood altogether. I crave still more to know, from week to week, what you are feeling, what terms you are on with life, that what [sic] you are doing – though I never can get enough of that. Both your letters to me at Randolph I treasure; and I value and appreciate always more all that you have done for me in the last three years (and unconsciously, always, before that).

ThisSt. George's Church, CrowhurstTSE on;a1 morning I went to the little church near by at Crowhurst (of which I hope to take a picture – one of the most humble and charming little churches, beautiful outside without any potential distinction, and sweet inside in spite of their meanness, of which there are so many. No service early; at 11 the church although small was quite full. ServiceChristianityliturgy;b9in country parish church;b2 low, but decent; I should prefer however to be where there are daily Masses. My musical knowledge is not sufficient to inform me whether the vagaries of the small organ were due to its own internal maladies or to the unpractised hand of the organistess. ItChristianitydeath and afterlife;b4and what makes a desirable burial place;a6 is the sort of church with a churchyard one would rather like to be buried in; no one seems to have been buried there for a good fifty years.

Oh my dear, I do long for you here.


1.FrankMorley, Frank Vigoron TSE at Pike's Farm;b6n MorleyPike's FarmMorley on TSE at;a6n, ‘A Few Recollections of Eliot’, 108–9: ‘When he had been installed in Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and knew the running of the whole caboodle … my wife and I just left him (nominally in charge) and went for three weeks to Norway … Whether this is the right treatment for a man who is climbing his private mountain of Purgatory, I don’t know – you never know … We were back from Norway … on 7 August. The estate was in good heart, and so was Tom. He was sunburnt, but, more important, he had been in touch with people he had thought of, and was planning to write The Rock … Correspondence had been flowing; now people began to come down for days and nights. Geoffrey Faber, Donald Brace from New York, to see what he was doing. He was keeping up with business … He was also learning to bake bread. We did our own baking, and Tom was very proud of the first loaf he made – insisted on a photograph with him holding it well forward to make it appear bigger. In odd moments we invented various kinds of crossword games, in different languages.’

In an interview for a BBC TV Omnibus programme (8 June 1970), Morley said: ‘The intellectual activities [at Pikes Farm] were very considerable; we spent a great deal of time doing crosswords – I mean making them up in most languages. Hebrew we had some difficulty in completing but Greek and Latin and French and German and Italian we passed these things’ (Berg).

2.‘Catholicism and International Order’, Christendom: A Journal of Christian Sociology 3: 11 (Oxford, Sept. 1933), 171–84 – the text of TSE’s address at the Summer School held at Keble Collegecollected in Essays Ancient and Modern; CProse 4, 534–46.

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'Catholicism and the International Order', dreaded, composed without enthusiasm, outlined to EH,
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Morley, Frank Vigor, TSE on sharing an office with, Criterion monthly meeting regular, returns from New York, indispensable in proofing Selected Essays, Criterion lunch in company with, joins farewell lunch for Hodgson, offers TSE post-separation refuge, acts for TSE during separation, spirits TSE away to Surrey, on TSE at Pike's Farm, as châtelain, acting as TSE's courier, on TSE's relationship to children, music-hall evening with, suggests tour of Scotland, which he plans out, suggests trip to Paris, thanks Joyce for hospitality, on TSE's 1933 tour of Scotland, negotiating for Ulysses, his absence means more work, treasured and missed, gets on famously with Ada, mercifully returned to F&F, produces birthday-cake, peacekeeper between Rowse and Smyth, in on Sherlock Holmes prank, encourages TSE to go to Finland, on TSE's 1935 tour of Scotland, and TSE drink GCF's whisky, takes TSE to Wimbledon, monopolises typewriter for joint story, as tennis-player, overawes GCF, TSE and EH's elected emergency go-between, good with thrusting young authors, backs publication of Nightwood, helps deal with Joyce, naturally projects strength, his French, escapes Criterion gathering to catch last train home, unusually subdued among the French, submits his Johnson Society paper, depends on TSE, on TSE's 1937 tour of Scotland, which Morley describes, two nights' sleep in a caravan with, potential reader for Family Reunion, his father dies, Spender discussed with, sends TSE corrected Anabasis, heads for New York and Baltimore, his energy, returns from America, visiting dying mother, shoulders burden of EP, insufficiently honours EP, Boutwood Lectures submitted to, accepts Harcourt Brace position, what his leaving F&F will mean, taken to tea with Woolfs, remembers EH taking priority, first wartime letter from, which reports on TSE's family, sounds depressed in America, sounds less depressed to GCF, among TSE's closest friends, his conversation missed, on Christian Society's American reception, suspected of indiscretion, EH explains 'Defence of the Islands' to, indifferent to Cats, entrusted with emergency Dry Salvages, America's effect on, gives Henry MS of 'Yeats', suggests 'Night Music' over 'Kensington Quartets', Ada too ill to see, his use of 'poised', puts TSE up in New York, on TSE's 1947 New York stay, presently unemployed, but inherits Graham Greene's job,
see also Morleys, the

4.FrankMorley, Frank Vigor Vigor Morley (1899–1980), American publisher and author; a founding editor of F&F, 1929–39: see Biographical Register.

Morleys, the, join the Eliots in Eastbourne, TSE fears overburdening, go on holiday to Norway, more TSE's friend than VHE's, return from Norway, life at Pike's Farm among, reading Dickens aloud to, their Thanksgiving parties, suitable companions to Varsity Cricket Match, and TSE to Laughton's Macbeth, TSE's June 1934 fortnight with, and certain 'bathers' photographs', and TSE play 'GO', attend Richard II with EH, TSE's New Years celebrated with, take TSE to Evelyn Prentice and Laurel & Hardy, TSE's return from Wales with, TSE's September 1935 week with, leave for New York, one of two regular ports-of-call, see EH in Boston, safely returned from New York, TSE reads Dr Johnson to, compared to the Tandys, add to their menagerie, reiterate gratitude for EH's peppermints, in Paris with TSE, give TSE copy of Don Quixote, and Fabers take TSE to pantomime, and TSE's Salzburg expedition, join Dorothy Pound dinner, visit Hamburg, have Labrador puppies, dinner at Much Hadham for, TSE to see them off at Kings Cross, seem unhappy in America, Thanksgiving without, in New Canaan, return to Lingfield, remember TSE's birthday, difficulties of renewing friendship with,
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St. George's Church, Crowhurst, TSE on,