[Tourist Passenger, C.W.S. Aquitania (sailing June 16th), Cunard-White Star Docks, New York]

T. S.Eliot
The Criterion
8 June 1937

There, my Dear, I forgot the enclosure from my last letter, and here it is. I always forget enclosures. So if you get this in time to send a cable from the shore (for those from the sea are prohibitively expensive) to say that you are SAILING, I shall be glad. I am going to cable tomorrow to let you know that you must expect to hear from me on your ship.

IFlat 3, 11 Emperor's GateEH stays in;a5 shall try to make my rooms tidy for you, and hope to get you here in time to have a rest before going out to dinner with me. Where shall we dine, I wonder? And what shall we wear? Nothing matters except my Love’s state of health.

It will be strange and lovely to have you in Gloucestershire again, as it was to be with you in Massachusetts nine months ago. It seems much longer than that.

Flat 3, 11 Emperor's Gate, and East Coker, TSE moving to, described, TSE's initial impressions of, EH stays in, makes TSE ill, compared to Grenville Place, TSE's situation at, made homelier, drawing desk acquired for, redecorated with EH's presents, and TSE's wartime routine, St. Stephen's keeps TSE at, water pipes freeze, shut up during Blitz, date of TSE's removal from,