[5 Clement Circle, Cambridge, Mass.]

T. S.Eliot
The Criterion
20 August 1936
Dear Love,

Two small points which I may not have mentioned. IWellesley College1936 poetry reading at;a6 have promised to give a Poetry Reading at Wellesley on Monday the 28th September, in the afternoon, for the reason that 125 dollars will go a considerable way towards paying my passage.1 TheMore, Paul ElmerTSE hopes to pay final visit;b2 other is that, if I can, IPrinceton University;a9 feel I ought to go down to Princeton to see Paul Elmer More. He is very feeble, although I understand from his daughter quite clear in the mind, and I think it would give him pleasure to see me, and it is in all probability the last time. I suppose I could take the midnight train to New York, spend part of the day in Princeton (I don’t suppose he could see me for more than an hour or so) and come back the next night. Because I should hate to be away from you any more than could be helped. IEliot, Margaret Dawes (TSE's sister);c1 shall have to give an evening, perhaps, to my sister Margaret, though I will see her only in the daytime unless she is insistent. What other people I have to see will depend upon circumstances, and I shall try to arrange such meetings when they are necessary, to come after you have gone to Smith. And I pray that you can begin to be happier and more serene until I come. It’s only eleven days now.

My Emilie from her Tom.

1.Boston Evening Transcript, 29 Sept. 1936: ‘T. S. Eliot to Give Wellesley Readings’: ‘T. S. Eliot, poet and critic, will give a series of readings from his play, “Murder in the Cathedral,” in Alumnae Hall, Wellesley College, at 4.30 P.M. today. The play received an enthusiastic reception when produced in New York last winter by the W.P.A. Federal Theater Project, and represents Mr Eliot’s first excursion into the field of dramatic poetry.’

Eliot, Margaret Dawes (TSE's sister), not a suitable confidant, scandalised by Henry's detective story, threatens to visit England, compared to VHE, wishes to arrange TSE's birthday party, remote from TSE, TSE and Henry visit, TSE dreads visiting Uncle Rob with, drains TSE, takes TSE to hear spirituals, her history, amazes TSE by attending Norton lecture, celebrates 61st birthday at Marion's, remembered in St. Louis, unwanted presence on holiday, reason for avoiding Boston, supported Landon over FDR, in response to 1930s controversies, compared to Irene Hale, imposes on Henry, tends to monologue, her reclusive hotel existence, Henry describes moving house for, her condition, TSE leaves money with, Thanksgiving with, efforts to support financially, death, funeral, TSE's final visit to,

6.MargaretEliot, Margaret Dawes (TSE's sister) Dawes Eliot (1871–1956), TSE's second-oldest sister sister, resident in Cambridge, Mass. In an undated letter (1952) to his Harvard friend Leon M. Little, TSE wrote: ‘Margaret is 83, deaf, eccentric, recluse (I don’t think she has bought any new clothes since 1900).’

More, Paul Elmer, greatly preferred to Irving Babbitt, the prospect of Madeira and theology with, TSE's Princeton sojourn with, his importance since Whibley's death, quoted on the virtues, TSE's two days in Oxford with, discusses Anglicanism with TSE, TSE hopes to pay final visit, near death, TSE finishes note on, important older male friend, posthumous work reviewed, his letters returned to executors,

4.PaulMore, Paul Elmer Elmer More (1864–1937), critic, scholar, philosopher: see Biographical Register.

Princeton University, according to TSE's fantasy, TSE engaged to lecture at, and Ronald Bottrall, TSE on his trip to, its architecture, compared to Harvard and Yale, Alumni Weekly print TSE's More tribute, possible wartime lectures at, and Allen Tate, among American colleges, extends wartime invitation to TSE, invites TSE to conference, Johnson lectures revamped for, confers honorary degree on TSE, and TSE's Institute for Advanced Study position, EH's information on, and Herbert Read, and EH's bequest,
Wellesley College, October 1932 poetry reading at, post-reading supper with English Department of, TSE attends Paderewski concert at, TSE obliges Sheff by lecturing at, 1936 poetry reading at, 1947 poetry reading at, Jeanie McPherrin asks TSE to read at,