[No surviving envelope]

T. S.Eliot
Faber & Faber Ltd
[no date]
My Dear,

Your letter to the ship and your letter awaiting me on arrival were both very welcome; and I should have written before, but a feverish cold caught on my last evening aboard, together with the extraordinary heat of New York, laid me rather low, and account for my not going to Princeton until Monday. IMcKnight Kauffers, thehost TSE in New York;b6 haveGiroux, Robert ('Bob');a2 hardly put my nose out of doors and have seen no one but the Kauffers and Robert Giroux from Harcourt Brace’s, who met the steamer. I expect I shall feel better when I have got in to a routine life in Princeton. I shall make no plans for a visit to the North until I have seen how things go, but I hope to be up for a few nights in a fortnight’s time.

As for Andover, I want to see for myself – I suppose at first it is the lonely struggle of one more adaptation. IPerkins, Dr John Carroll (EH's uncle)feared for;h4 had a letter from your aunt on arrival, and wait anxiously for news of Uncle John. This is a very very worrying time for you, and you have my love and sympathy. I will write immediately from Princeton and arrange to speak on the telephone.

Ever your

IRoberts, Janetconfides Michael's illness;b2 had aRoberts, Michaelterminally ill;b9 distressing evening with Janet Roberts just before I left. I fear that Michael has my brother Henry’s disease, and may not live long.

The address at Princeton is: 14 Alexander Street.

Giroux, Robert ('Bob'), sees TSE off at La Guardia, TSE's New York mainstay, in London,

7.RobertGiroux, Robert ('Bob') Giroux (1914–2008): American book editor and publisher: see Biographical Register.

McKnight Kauffers, the, look in on Eliots' dinner, accompany TSE to Dance of Death, drop in on Boxing Day, their marital problems, celebrate JDH's birthday, TSE's sense of obligation to, host TSE in New York, see TSE off at La Guardia,
Perkins, Dr John Carroll (EH's uncle), wished speedy recovery, Perkins household apparently restored, and TSE's King's Chapel address, at first Norton lecture, writes about second Norton lecture, supplied with tobacco, unused to intelligent opposition, suggests title for Murder, recommended Endless Adventure, TSE on, novelty birthday-present suggested for, comes by The Achievement of T. S. Eliot, once again preaching, his accent, his versus Eliot-family Unitarianism, reports on TSE from Aban Court, remarks on photograph of TSE, his Pastor Emeritus position endangered, starved of male company, more remote with age, donates Eliotana to Henry's collection, relations with Aunt Edith, ailing, altered with age, and Campden memories, sends photograph of EH portrait, on 1946 reunion with TSE, withdrawn, according to EH, honoured by bas-relief, celebrates 86th birthday, feared for, celebrates 87th birthday, thanks EH for her help, his final illness, dies, elegised by TSE, funeral, obituary and funeral, obituary, TSE receives old clothes of, Miss Lavorgna on, apparently communicated in Anglican churches, Annals of King's Chapel,
see also Perkinses, the

3.DrPerkins, Dr John Carroll (EH's uncle) John Carroll Perkins (1862–1950), Minister of King’s Chapel, Boston: see Biographical Register.

Roberts, Janet, just returned from the Alps, laments The Criterion's closure, remembers EH in Scotland, her parents recalled by EH, sends TSE butter, resemblance to husband, TSE's fondness for, writes about Rome broadcast, confides Michael's illness, following Michael's death, TSE reads to her children, dinner with over Christmas, worried about Michael's job,
see also Robertses, the
Roberts, Michael, sketched in thumbnail, reviews Collected Poems, introduces radio Waste Land, described for EH, EH interests herself in, singles out Burnt Norton, asks TSE to be godfather, fingered for TSE's mentor role, recommended for EH's 'criticism' course, working for BBC, resemblance to wife, assists TSE in judging translations, at Norwegian diplomatic dinner, makes way for TSE's broadcast, terminally ill, dies of leukaemia, The Modern Mind, New Signatures, T. E. Hulme,
see also Robertses, the

1.MichaelRoberts, Michael Roberts (1902–48), critic, editor, poet: see Biographical Register.