[No surviving envelope]

T. S.Eliot
Faber & Faber Ltd
8 March 1948
My dear

My month is now up, and I am just writing this line tonight to explain that I am in the middle of a very heavy week, beginningRoyal Horticultural SocietyTSE makes presentation to;a1 with the Royal Horticultural Society, speaking twice in Cambridge, backBooks Across the Seafinal meeting of;c4 to-day and must spend the evening preparing my speech for the final meeting of Books Across the Sea, andInstitut Françaisand subsequent Fluchère lecture;a2 then have to take the chair for a lecture at the Institute Francaise on Thursday: so shall write on Friday.

Your devoted
Books Across the Sea, TSE unwillingly president of, AGM, letter to The Times for, exhibition, reception for Beatrice Warde, The Times reports on, TSE trumpets in TES, 'Bridgebuilders', TLS reports on, and South Audley Street library, absorbed into English Speaking Union, final meeting of,
Institut Français, TSE chairs Chevrillon lecture at, and subsequent Fluchère lecture,
Royal Horticultural Society, TSE makes presentation to,