[Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool]

T. S.Eliot
Faber & Faber Ltd
12 December 1935
Dear my Dear,

One more little note to the Adelphi Hotel, beforeJanes, Adadies;a1 I start to go to Mrs. Janes’s funeral. I shall not, therefore, be wearing the carnation this morning, but shall again tomorrow. ThenHarris, Revd Charlesvisited in nursing home;a6 after lunch I have to go to see Dr. Harris in his nursing home, and after that have appointments to see two people; and I shall write my letter to the boat after that andCulpin, Johanna ('Aunt Johanna', née Staengel);b4 before dining with Jan Culpin. I don’t think that I have really grasped the fact that you have gone yet; mercifully that takes time. And my rooms are so full of your presence that I can hardly believe that you may not come in at any moment, and we shall sit down on the sofa together and talk about ourselves and I shall listen to your lovely voice. I had a long night, and still feel exhausted. ThisTandys, theTSE's Hampton weekends with;a1 weekend I go to the Tandy’s, to immerse myself in other people’s domestic life and play with other people’s children; and after that next week is clear and I shall rest quietly and stay at home in the evenings. I still resent, and think that now I always shall, all the things that take my mind and prevent me from thinking constantly about you and going over one occasion after another when we have been together. I shan’t be going to the theatre much, or to concerts at all, I expect, now; and if I do I shall prefer to go alone, for who is there whom I would not resent being with in such places after being with you? To enjoy a play, or a concert, or a painting, or a place, in the company of the person you love is so intense a delight that the same occupations are unbearable with anyone else.

Now I must go, my dearest, my darling; and I am impatient until the end of the afternoon when I shall be writing to you again. I try to imagine you in Liverpool, without me, but I can’t very well.

Dear Emily, I am
Your Tom.
Culpin, Johanna ('Aunt Johanna', née Staengel), described, TSE's South Kensington neighbour, weekly chess opponent, 'tiring', reports Nazi horrors, her German refugees, whom TSE helps, quarrels with VHE, leaving for Germany, departure toasted with champagne, returned from Germany, taken to Murder, and TSE watch Show Boat, returns again to Germany, taken to the movies, and company taken to Escargot,
Harris, Revd Charles, consulted on 'Thoughts After Lambeth', upsets Father Rosey Rosenthal, visited in nursing home,

12.RevdHarris, Revd Charles Charles Harris, DD (1865–1936), Prebendary of Hereford Cathedral from 1925; Vicar of South Leigh, Witney, Oxfordshire, 1929–34; Chairman of the Book Committee of the (English) Church Union since 1923; Assistant Editor of Literature and Worship, 1932. Works include Creeds or No Creeds? (1922); First Steps in the Philosophy of Religion (1927). TSE to Group Captain Paul J. Harris (son), 12 July 1961: ‘I was very happy to work with him many years ago on the Literature Committee of the Anglo-Catholic Congress. Your father was, incidentally, an extremely able and dynamic Secretary of the Committee and the publications reached a high level of importance and authority during his term of office.’

Janes, Ada, dies, her funeral, her engagement ring,
see also Janeses, the

4.W. L. JanesJanes, W. L. (1854–1939), ex-policeman who worked as handyman for the Eliots. Having been superannuated from the police force early in the century, he worked for a period (until about 1921) as a plain-clothes detective in the General Post Office. TSE reminisced to Mary Trevelyan on 2 Apr. 1951: ‘If I ever write my reminiscences, which I shan’t, Janes would have a great part in them’ (‘The Pope of Russell Square’). TSE to Adam Roberts (b. 1940; godson of TSE), 12 Dec. 1955: ‘I … knew a retired police officer, who at one period had to snoop in plain clothes in the General Post Office in Newgate Street – he caught several culprits, he said’ (Adam Roberts). HisJanes, Ada wife was Ada Janes (d. 1935).

Tandys, the, TSE's Hampton weekends with, TSE's weekend in Newhaven with, as family, welcome baby daughter, compared to the Morleys, move to new Hampton home, host TSE for Guy Fawkes night, give TSE pipes for Christmas, versus the de la Mares, take large Dorset cottage, host TSE in Dorset, their situation in Dorset, accompanied to Alice in Wonderland,