[No surviving envelope]

T. S.Eliot
Faber & Faber Ltd
Wednesday night.
[? early July 1935]
Dear Lady.

I found your wire downstairs just as I was going out to dinner at 7.30. I must enquire into that. There was no time to go to Victoria before dinner. I got away as early as I could, but by then the Continental Enquiry Office was closed & I could only send a wire to Newhaven which she may or may not get.

I9 Grenville Place, LondonEH's sojourns at;b2 hope you will be comfortable at such short notice. I have alas, engagements tomorrow at 10.30, at 1, at 3.30 at 5.30 and for dinner. Friday I go to the doctor at 10.00, IBrowne, Elliott Martinpursues London Murder revival;a6 haveWhitworth, Geoffrey;a1 to lunch with Martin Browne & Geoffrey Whitworth 1 – if you were alone I should be very glad to have your company too if I might – at the Diner Français, 16 Old Compton St. Soho, but I couldn’t well manage Jean too as we have to discuss London production of Murder. But I am free for dinner & hope you will both dine with me on Friday. I shall have to come in in the afternoon to change my washing & re-pack for the weekend.


1.GeoffreyWhitworth, Geoffrey Whitworth (1883–1951), dramatist; founder of the British Drama League and editor of its periodical, Drama: A Monthly Record of the Theatre in Town and Country at Home & Abroad; Hon. Secretary of the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre Committee.

9 Grenville Place, London, compared to Courtfield Road, TSE's rent for, described for EH, delights TSE, as refuge, and Burnt Norton, tea-party for Perkinses at, TSE's practical jokes at, in winter, as repository for TSE's books, EH's sojourns at, described by Virginia Woolf, sanctified by EH's presence, offered to Jeanie, adorned with photos of EH, evokes memories of childhood homecomings, likely to be sold,
Browne, Elliott Martin, meets TSE at Chichester, production of The Rock, meets TSE over possible collaboration, talks over outline of play, meets TSE with Martin Shaw, delighted with Rock choruses, discusses unwritten pageant scenes with TSE, predicament as The Rock's director, well connected in amateur circles, revising into the night with TSE, argues with Shaw at dress-rehearsal, presented to Prince Arthur, honoured by Rock cast-supper, producing Gordon Bottomley's play, speaks at Londonderry House with TSE, 1935 Canterbury Murder in the Cathedral, approached by TSE to 'produce', consulted throughout composition, goes silent, lunches with TSE and Speaight, directs and acts despite illness, pursues London Murder revival, 1935–6 Mercury Theatre Murder revival, engaged as producer by Dukes, keen that EH attend rehearsals, simultaneously part of BBC production, agrees about Speaight's decline, preferred as producer for TSE's next play, and Charles Williams's Cranmer, in which he plays 'the Skeleton', and TSE attend Tenebrae, taken to Cambridge after-feast, producing York Nativity Play, which TSE thinks Giottoesque, at Savile Club Murder dinner, producing Shakespeare's Dream, and Ascent of F6, and Tewkesbury Festival Murder confusion, 1939 production of The Family Reunion, due to be sent script, weighing TSE's proposal that he produce, enthused by script, suggests TSE see Mourning Becomes Electra, against Family Reunion as title, pleased with draft, quizzed on fire-safety, typescript prepared for, new draft submitted to, rewrite waits on, receives new draft, criticisms thereof, reports John Gielgud interest, mediates between Gielgud and TSE, TSE throws over Gielgud for, secures Westminster Theatre production, steps into company breach, then into still-greater breach, and the play's weaknesses, direction of Family Reunion, receives TSE's Shakespeare lectures, 1938 American Murder tour, re-rehearsing actors for, suffers fit of pre-tour gloom, yet to report from Boston, and Tewkesbury pageant, accompanies TSE to La Mandragola, on Family Reunion's future prospects, and possible Orson Welles interest, war leaves at loose end, advises TSE over next play, war work with Pilgrim Players, unavailable for modern-dress Murder, compared to tempter/knight successor, requests Pilgrim Players' play from TSE, New Plays by Poets series, as director, and This Way to the Tomb, and Family Reunion revival, urges TSE to concentrate on theatre, 1946 Mercury Family Reunion revival, in rehearsal, possible revue for Mercury Theatre, and The Lady's Not for Burning, Chairman of the Drama League, 1949 Edinburgh Cocktail Party, to produce, TSE's intended first reader for, receives beginning, approves first act, receives TSE's revisions, communciates Alec Guinness's enthusiasm, arranges reading, surpasses himself with production, in Florence, EH suggests moving on from, and the Poets' Theatre Guild, 1950 Cocktail Party New York transfer, compares Rex Harrison and Alec Guinness, TSE debates whether to continue collaboration with, suggests three-play TSE repertory, 1953 Edinburgh Confidential Clerk, receives first two acts, designing sets, 1953 Lyric Theatre Confidential Clerk, attends with TSE, 1954 American Confidential Clerk, 1954 touring Confidential Clerk, TSE and Martin Browne catch in Golders Green, seeks Family Reunion MS from EH,

4.E. MartinBrowne, Elliott Martin Browne (1900–80), English director and producer, was to direct the first production of Murder in the Cathedral: see Biographical Register.

Whitworth, Geoffrey, hosts Group Theatre fundraiser, and the Granville-Barkers, and 'The Future of Poetic Drama',

1.GeoffreyWhitworth, Geoffrey Whitworth (1883–1951), dramatist; founder of the British Drama League and editor of its periodical, Drama: A Monthly Record of the Theatre in Town and Country at Home & Abroad; Hon. Secretary of the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre Committee.