Emily Hale To Henry Eliot

T. S.Eliot
90 Commonwealth Avenue,
September 15th 1942.
Dear Henry,

As I shall not have a good chance to answer your inquiries about some of the ‘harvest’ I sent you for the next ten days or so, I send as best I can, the answers for the items asked for.

The'Development of Shakespeare's Verse, The';b3 Shakespeare addresses were delivered at Edinburgh University in the autumn of 1939, I think. Title, I am not sure of – ‘Shakespeare as Poet and Dramatist’ perhaps.

The address about ‘traditional poetry’, claims no memory, except perhaps a talk before the Book Fair in London in 1935.

ILewis, Wyndhamhis sketch of TSE loaned to Henry;b9 believe the pencil sketch by Wyndham Lewis has not been published – at least in no book – possibly some magazine article.

Thecheeseletter to Times on Stilton;b3 letter on Stilton cheese was early in the summer of 1938, I think.1

You see, I have not the keen collector’s instinct about the works of my distinguished friend, as you would like me to have, and I fear my reply is of little use to you.

I am distressed to hear you have to lose all of your teeth – and hope such a sacrifice will be very worth while in the end.

With affectionate greetings to Theresa and even to yourself,

Emily Hale

1.‘Stilton Cheese’ (letter to the editor), The Times, 29 Nov. 1935, 15: CProse 5, 286–7.

cheese, chocolate-coloured at Norske Klub, Old Cheshire, which TSE compares to Double Gloucester and Leicester, Wensleydale 'Prince Consort' to 'Queen' Cheshire, cold-curing, smell-restoring Limburger, brie at Prunier's, cheese-eating ruined by perfume, discussed with Hoskyns, TSE's first Old Blue Cottenham, TSE's cheese-counsellor, Port Salut, letter to Times on Stilton, and the privations of war, EH sends TSE for Christmas,
'Development of Shakespeare's Verse, The', TSE reading Shakespeare in preparation, composition and revision, as lectured, Morley comments on, Granville-Barker, Wilson and Martin Browne sent, sent to EH, who seeks permission to recite, revised again for Bristol, refashioned for Stockholm, bibliographic details of,
Lewis, Wyndham, EH promised copy of portrait by, indebted to Harriet Weaver, famous evening with Joyce and, remembered in Paris, apparently numbers TSE among enemies, visiting Joyce in 1920 with, asks to paint TSE, TSE sitting for, portrait shown to EH, departed for America, and the fate of TSE's portrait, one of TSE's 'group', his sketch of TSE loaned to Henry, importunes another portrait, his portraits of TSE, second portrait acquired by Magdalene, TSE views first portrait in Durban, Blasting and Bombadiering, The Lion and the Fox,

7.WyndhamLewis, Wyndham Lewis (1882–1957), painter, novelist, philosopher, critic: see Biographical Register.