[35A School St., Andover, Mass.]

T. S.Eliot
19 Carlyle Mansions
26 Feb. 1955
Dearest Emily

My first attempt at letter writing will be a brief one. I want to thank you for two letters & apologise for your having to cable. It is so difficult to know whether to notify & what to say on such occasions. I had hoped it would mean under a week of confinement, and out before anyone knew anything about it. The cause was a physical strain this time – a case of constipation – but the effect proved tenacious – over a month to get my pulse normal – I was in the Clinic 2 weeks longer than the press were aware of. At home for the last four days, ordered to take short walks, but not go to my office etc. until the very severe cold weather breaks. Feeling very languid, stupid, & without ambition: I suppose that it’s quite normal. But it seems that my programme after March can be carried out. I’ll write again next week after doctor’s visit on Monday.

MuchAbbot Academy, Andover, Massachusetts;b4 interested by your news of Abbott [sc. Abbot].

With grateful love
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