[41 Brimmer St., Boston]

T. S.Eliot
The Criterion
[not dated:
postmarked 6 Oct. 1931]
Dearest Lady

AllGreat Depression in the United Kingdom ('Great Slump')the unemployment crisis;a2 my time has been taken up this morning; what with a long interview which was interrupted by watching a tiny disturbance in Russell Square; a procession of unemployed apparently got into collision with a van of foodstuffs and tried to loot it; anyway, the streets have been full of mounted and motor car people flourishing batons; and a few young unemployed made a hideous noise outside with drums. This is all a confounded nuisance. So all I can do is to thank you for your sweet note of the 25th and for the little photograph (it makes your mouth look about three times as wide as it is! I am glad to have it, but I do long for a recent photograph which will show your features more clearly). I am glad that a letter of mine was forwarded, but hope that none will go astray. You are now moving about, I hope having happy visits to friends, and will be in Boston in about ten days. I shall be glad then.

Your Tom

I shall be here all day tomorrow, will write then.

Great Depression in the United Kingdom ('Great Slump'), the 1931 Sterling Crisis, the unemployment crisis, unemployment conference at York,