[35 School St., Andover, Mass.]

T. S.Eliot
London Clinic,
Devonshire Place,
London W.1.
Wednesday March 7th [1951]
My Dear

This is an interim note just to say that I am recovering normally after my operation and am well looked after.1 The first few days after this operation are certainly painful, uncomfortable, and messy, but there is no danger at any time – I expect to be at home again by the 14th. Your letter of Feb 28th (a sad one) forwarded to me here – I shan’t try to answer but will write again as soon as I get back to my typewriter.

With much love

1.Frank Morley to Christopher Morley, 9 Mar. 1951: ‘I wasted, I am sure, a whole afternoon as understudy, in a movie, for Uncle Tom Eliot, who had to be carted off to the London Clinic […] to be relieved of piles.’