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T. S.Eliot
Faber & Faber Ltd
24 April 1944

INorwood, Sir Cyril;a4 believe that it is permissible to send personal photographs, soBooks Across the Seaexhibition;a7 here I am with Sir Cyril Norwood opening the Exhibition of American Children’s Scrap-books for Books Across the Sea. My melancholy expression is caused by Sir Cyril Norwood. His, I think, is permanent.

T. S. E.
Books Across the Sea, TSE unwillingly president of, AGM, letter to The Times for, exhibition, reception for Beatrice Warde, The Times reports on, TSE trumpets in TES, 'Bridgebuilders', TLS reports on, and South Audley Street library, absorbed into English Speaking Union, final meeting of,
Norwood, Sir Cyril, gives feeble speech at exhibition,

4.SirNorwood, Sir Cyril Cyril Norwood (1875–1956), educationalist; Head of Bristol Grammar School, 1906–16; Master of Marlborough College, 1917–25; Headmaster of Harrow, 1926–34; President of St John’s College, Oxford, 1934–46. Norwood headed the Board of Education Committee of the Secondary School Examinations Council, which produced Curriculum and Examinations in Secondary Schools (1941); and in 1943 the Norwood Report on secondary education provided for the separation of secondary schools in England and Wales into grammar, technical and secondary modern.