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T. S.Eliot
Letter 15.
26 October 1942
Dearest Emily

IPerkins, Dr John Carroll (EH's uncle);e9 have got your proper address from Dr. Perkins, though not from you, which I should have had to look through old letters for some time to find: the Anchorage. To-day the telephone has been out of order, and the weather has been such that I have not wanted to tramp to the local post-office (which is now outside the village in order to serve another village as well): which means that tomorrow I shall send you a cable full rate in the hope of its reaching you the same day. Grand Manan seems a strange place to send a cable to: I have not got over my surprise at your electing to go there at this time of year, and impatiently await the explanation. WhenBriggs, Sabra Jane;a1 you say c/o Briggs, I do not suppose you mean your old friend Miss Lucia Briggs.1

I had two nights in London without being the worse for it, andAbbey of St Mary the Virgin, BurnhamTSE's stay at;a1 Friday night in Burnham Bucks, whereCurtis, Revd Geoffreyvisited at Burnham;a4 my young friend Father Curtis, C.R. was staying for a few days.2 It was a House of Enclosed Nuns: we were put in a cottage adjoining which is kept for visiting priests; and of course I did not see any nuns, except the Mother Superior, a very powerful old lady – the kind who cannot enter the room without your feeling that you are receiving an Audience and wondering whether you ought to kneel or what. She is a very shrewd old woman, as well as a dominating one, as I found in discussing a book which Curtis is trying to write and about which my advice was sought. They have a very fine modern chapel there: some of the sisters were praying there, and I was told that, as it was the week of their dedication festival, they pray during that week that the prayers of all visitors to the house at the time may be granted. Incidentally, I was treated to much more luxury than I am accustomed to in men’s religious houses: an open fire in my bedroom, and a cup of hot milk at bed time. That gave me only two days here: I should have started my injections at the weekend, but the combination of the weather and the telephone (mentioned before) deterred me from doing anything about it. I shall start this coming weekend. IChristian News-Letter (CNL)first number;a4 am up from Tuesday to Friday, as I have a C.N.L. committee on Tuesday andBritish Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)Dry Salvages;c9 broadcast to India again (‘Dry Salvages’) on Friday.

I naturally await your next letters with great impatience and anxiety; and I fear that from your island retreat it may be a long time. You will not, I think, have had time to write again before leaving. I pray St. Anthony of Padua (patron of the sick) to help you.

Your loving

1.SabraBriggs, Sabra Jane Jane Briggs (1887–1976), artist, illustrator, and proprietor since 1936 of ‘The Anchorage’, Grand Manan, Charlotte County, New Brunswick, Canada.

2.TSE to Enid Faber, 20 Oct. 1942: ‘I go up tomorrow for two nights, and Friday night to Burnham, in intention to see Geoffrey Curtis, but in effect, I fear, to hobnob with a number of eremites and holy anchoresses, in whom that district abounds.’ The Abbey of St Mary the Virgin at Burnham was founded in 1266 as a house for canonesses; from 1916, the abbey has been home to the Society of the Precious Blood, a community of Anglican Augustinian nuns.

Abbey of St Mary the Virgin, Burnham, TSE's stay at,
Briggs, Sabra Jane,

1.SabraBriggs, Sabra Jane Jane Briggs (1887–1976), artist, illustrator, and proprietor since 1936 of ‘The Anchorage’, Grand Manan, Charlotte County, New Brunswick, Canada.

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4.RevdCurtis, Revd Geoffrey Geoffrey Curtis (1902–81), Anglican priest, scholar and teacher: see Biographical Register.

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3.DrPerkins, Dr John Carroll (EH's uncle) John Carroll Perkins (1862–1950), Minister of King’s Chapel, Boston: see Biographical Register.