[41 Brimmer St., Boston]

T. S.Eliot
Faber & Faber Ltd
Tuesday 28 April 1931
Emily dear,

This merely to explain that I started a letter yesterday, having no time to finish it, & this morning had only ten minutes to myself – I came back late this afternoon, only to find that I had left my keys behind & could not open the drawer in which I had locked the unfinished letter. So I will finish it tomorrow, when I hope for a clear morning. ThisBritish Broadcasting Corporation (BBC);a3 morning, what there was of it, devoted to BBC (broadcasting) business. Excuse this scrawl it is only to catch the mail boat, & remind you meanwhile that you are never away from my thoughts.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), TSE's committee service for, its future discussed, TSE working on autumn programme for, TSE on educational broadcasting in general, Barbara Burnham production of Murder, lobbies TSE for next play, 'The Need for Poetic Drama', Metaphyical poet broadcasts for, 'The Church's Message to the World', Christmas Day 'Cats' broadcast, dramatic Waste Land adaptation, which is censored for broadcast, repeats 'Cats', plays Parsifal on Good Friday, broadcasts Hawkins interview with TSE, 'Towards a Christian Britain', 1941 production of Murder, Eastern Service broadcasts East Coker, broadcasts Webster talk, Tennyson talk, Dry Salvages, Poe talk, Dryden talk, Joyce talk, European Service broadcasts TSE's talk, TSE declines Christmas broadcast for, wants to record 'Milton II', broadcasts TSE's personal poetry selection, broadcasts Gielgud's Family Reunion, marks TSE's 60th birthday, Gielgud Family Reunion repeated, solicits TSE post-Nobel Prize, TSE's EP broadcast for, records TSE reading Ash-Wednesday, floats Reith Lectures suggestion, approaches Marilyn Monroe to star in Fitts's Lysistrata,