[41 Brimmer St., Boston]

T. S.Eliot
Faber & Faber Ltd
10 Feb. 1931
Dove –

I am too worried to write at length, because today is Tuesday, and nothing from you: always before by Monday. I cannot remember which letter of mine you should have had in time to reply by now – but I cannot believe there was anything to offend you.

Anyway, I want to ask you (1) if I ever offend you please don’t be silent but write at once & let me understand. (2) let me have even a tiny note once a week, else I shall think that you are ill. Please don’t be ill. I shall write always on Monday or Tuesday, & often (as I shall this week) later in the week, when I am hurried at the beginning of the week, or, as now, too disturbed about you to write. If I should be going away, I would let you know in advance: but if at any time you had nothing from me for a fortnight, you will know that I am ill in bed. (I am perfectly well at the moment). I will try to write at length tomorrow even if I have nothing from you. You do not know, dear Glory, how I subsist on your letters – & also on your little photograph.


I should not mind your being ill now & then – If I could nurse you.