Lawrence HeylHeyl, Lawrence;a1 to EmilyDriscoll, Emily;a1 Driscoll1

T. S.Eliot
CC Mudd Library, Princeton
4 December 1956
Dear Miss Driscoll:

We have a group of correspondence of T. S. Eliot which we must have appraised. Would you be so good as to let me know by return if it would be convenient for you to come down to do this November [sc. December] 12, 13 or 14? I must have the figure soon for the reason that we are near the end of the calendar year.2

Sincerely yours,
[Lawrence Heyl]
Associate Librarian

1.Autographs and Manuscripts, 115 East 40th Street, New York.

2.Emily Driscoll responded on 5 Dec. 1956: ‘December 14th is the only day I can manage for the appraisal of the T. S. Eliot material. Do you suppose that the train that gets me to the Junction at 11.21 is too late? I do not at all object to working late at the Library.’

Don Skemer, ‘Sealed Treasure’: ‘On 14 December, [Alexander P.] Clark counted the letters to facilitate their appraisal for tax purposes. The initial appraisal was done for the 1930–32 letters by the New York autograph dealer Emily Driscoll […] The gift had been formally accessioned on 12 December 1956 (AM 15768) as the “E Collection.”’

Driscoll, Emily,
Heyl, Lawrence,