Anthony Anaxagorou

Anthony talks about his work

Anthony reads 'Things Already Lost'

Anthony reads 'After the Formalities'

Anthony reads 'Acceptance'

Fiona Benson

Fiona talks about her work

Fiona reads 'Eurofighter Typhoon'

Fiona reads 'Ace of Bass'

Fiona reads 'Transformation'

Jay Bernard

Jay talks about their work

Jay reads 'Apple'

Jay reads 'Clearing'

Jay reads 'Hiss'

Paul Farley

Paul talks about his work

Paul reads 'Treecreeper'

Paul reads 'Clever and Cold'

Paul reads 'Poker'

Ilya Kaminsky

Ilya talks about his work

Ilya reads 'The Townspeople Watch Them Take Alfonso'

Ilya reads 'Before the War, We Made a Child'

Ilya reads 'We Lived Happily During the War'

Sharon Olds

Sharon talks about her work

Sharon reads 'Meeting a Stranger'

Sharon reads 'Aria Conceived in Mexico'

Sharon reads '8 Moons'

Vidyan Ravinthiran

Vidyan talks about his work

Vidyan reads 'New Year's Eve'

Vidyan reads 'Sea Break'

Vidyan reads 'There are Things'

Deryn Rees-Jones

Deryn talks about her work

Deryn reads 'Gardens'

Deryn reads 'Heartbreak'

Deryn reads 'Mon Amour'

Roger Robinson

Roger talks about his work

Roger reads 'Ghosts'

Roger reads 'Haibun for the Lookers'

Roger reads 'Paradise'

Karen Solie

Karen talks about her work

Karen reads 'Kentigern and the Robin'

Karen reads 'Plenitude'

Karen reads 'A Trawlerman'