Tara Bergin

Tara talks about her work

Tara reads 'Susie's Secret'

Tara reads 'The True Story of Eleanor Marx in Ten Parts’

Tara reads 'Tamer and Lion'

Caroline Bird

Caroline talks about her work

Caroline reads 'Patient Intake Questionnaire'

Caroline reads 'Megan Married Herself'

Caroline reads '48 Veneer Avenue'

Douglas Dunn

Douglas talks about his work

Douglas reads 'Class Photograph'

Douglas reads 'Idleness'

Douglas reads 'Wondrous Strange'

Leontia Flynn

Leontia talks about her work

Leontia reads 'Poem in Homage to Built Things in Three Dimensions'

Leontia reads 'Yellow Lullaby'

Leontia reads 'The Fish in the Berlin Aquarium'

Roddy Lumsden

Roddy talks about his work

Roddy reads 'Kissing Edwin Morgan'

Roddy reads 'The Hoopoe'

Roddy reads 'Autism'

Michael Symmons Roberts

Michael talks about his work

Michael reads 'Barfly'

Michael reads 'Mancunian Miserere'

Michael reads 'What's Yours is Mine'

Robert Minhinnick

Robert talks about his work

Robert reads 'After the Stealth Bomber: Umm Ghada at the Amiriya Bunker'

Robert reads a section from 'Mouth to Mouth: A Recitation Between Two Rivers'

Robert reads 'London Eye'

James Sheard

James talks about his work

James reads 'Landings'

James reads 'The Abandoned Settlements'

James reads 'Cardamom'

Jacqueline Saphra

Jacqueline talks about her work

Jacqueline reads 'My Mother's Bathroom Armoury'

Jacqueline reads 'Charm for Late Love'

Jacqueline reads 'My Friend Juliet's Icelandic Lover'

Ocean Vuong

Ocean talks about his work

Ocean reads 'A Little Closer'

Ocean reads 'Telemachus'

Ocean reads 'Queen Under the Hill'