[41 Brimmer St., Boston]

T. S.Eliot
Faber & Faber Ltd
27 May 1932
Dearest Lady

I am dished again to-day. ThatNoyeses, the;a1 is partly my own fault – in fact entirely; I shouldn’t have slept so late; butEliots, the T. S.;d4 dinner parties always exhaust me nowadays (weThorps, the;b8 had the Thorps and the Noyeses). And I was counting upon having the afternoon here; but at lunch time I suddenly remembered that Miss Katherine Spencer had rung up a week ago and arranged to come to tea this afternoon; and I had forgotten to tell V. and forgotten all about it. So it’s quarter past three now and I must be home at four.

It was a delightful surprise, after your little hurried note which came on Tuesday, to get the large legal looking envelope of May 16th with news. I am disappointed that I cannot read the play, after your making such a success of the part – perhaps if you ever have time you will describe it in a little more detail. AsScott, WalterThe Lady of the Lake;a3 for ‘The Lady of the Lake’1 Ireading (TSE's)The Lady of the Lake;b8 really believe that I have never read the poem! I must do so now, to find out what Margaret is like. (IScott, WalterThe Lay of the Last Minstrel;a4 have read TheScott, WalterMarmion;a5 Lay of the Last Minstrel and Marmion2 I think).

It’s not worth while writing more at present – as I have only five minutes. So forgive me my muddle, please, my dear, and I will write on Monday–Tuesday.


1.Sir Walter Scott, The Lady of the Lake (1810).

2.Scott, The Lay of the Last Minstrel (1805); Marmion: A Tale of Flodden Field (1808).

Eliots, the T. S., receive Aldous Huxley, give tea to Nora Joyce, give dinner-party for Joyces, Fabers and Osbert Sitwell, described by Osbert Sitwell, give dinner for Philippa Whibley, host the Morleys, Joyces and Hutchinsons, take tea with OM, who describes their appearance, invite OM to meet Mrs Joyce, introduce TSE's nieces to Lucia Joyce and Barbara Hutchinson, host the Joyces, host the Thorps to tea, host Dorothy Pound to supper, again to OM's, have the Huxleys to tea, more harmonious for Gordon George's stay, host Maurice and Ahmé to dinner, host Ralph Hodgson, Aurelia Bolliger, Gordon George and Scott Moncrieff, to OM's tea-party for Yeats, host Ralph Hodgson despite his dog's behaviour, have the Hodgsons for the weekend, attend Derby Day with the Hodgsons, host the Faber children to tea, host OM and D'Arcy, host Mark Gertler and wife, at James Stephens's party, have fifteen to tea, Evelyn Underhill and Force Stead to lunch with, spend weekend with VHE's mother, join farewell dinner for the Hodgsons, in 1926, holiday in Eastbourne, where they dine with the Morleys, then visit the Woolfs at Rodmell,
Noyeses, the, compared to the Thorps, speculation as to the wealth of, EH to 'holiday' with,
reading (TSE's), The Road Back, Hay Fever, sermons of Revd Dr William E. Channing, Racine's Bérénice, in general, the Bible, The Witch of Edmonton again, letters of other authors, a life of Mohammed, a life of Calvin, R. S. Wilson's life of Marcion the Heretic, Living My Life, French detective stories, French novels, recent books on economics and finance, the Epistles of St. Paul, The Lady of the Lake, Letters of Charles Eliot Norton, never deeply or widely enough, The Scarab Murder Case, translation of Dante, detective stories, Letters of Mrs Gaskell and Charles Eliot Norton, second-rate detective story, disinterestedly, for leisure, Vision of God, Faith of a Moralist, Newman's sermons, Birds of the Countryside, Modern Reader's Bible, The Face of Death, René Bazin's Charles de Foucauld, Charles Petrie's Monarchy, Thurber's My Life and Hard Times, Oliver's Endless Adventure (vol. 3), Madame Sorel's memoirs, book on French policing, detective story for committee, The League of Frightened Men, The Garden Murder Case, The Luck of the Bodkins, The House in Paris, The Life of Charles Gore, Middleton Murry's Shakespeare, Dr Goebbels for book committee, A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life, MS of German gunman in Chicago, Shakespeare, to replenish, Middlemarch, the Gospel, City of God, St. John of the Cross, psalm or two a day, Ibsen, Twenty Best Plays of the Modern American Theatre, poems submitted to Criterion, My Name is Million, psalms, especially Psalm 130, Edmund Burke, Lives of the Poets, Virgil,
Scott, Walter, and the Literary Society, beloved of Grandfather Stearns, The Lady of the Lake, The Lay of the Last Minstrel, Marmion,
Thorps, the, EH brings to TSE's notice, to tea chez Eliot, take flat in Lincoln's Inn, attend TSE's Poetry Bookshop reading, VHE invites to party, host the Eliots to tea, grow on TSE, host the Eliots for claret, cheesecake and Ombre, invite VHE to supper, compared to the Noyeses, take offence where none intended, called on in Princeton, appear in Campden, worth discussing American politics with, TSE imagines living with, TSE against leaving letters to, likeness to the Webbs, EH on, differentiated, take in worthy Chaplin exhibition, unrelaxing hosts, advise EH over terms of Princeton bequest, and EH's 'recording', pushing EH to write autobiography,