Emily Hale to Valerie Eliot

T. S.Eliot
January 14, 1957
DearEliot, Esmé Valerie (née Fletcher, TSE's second wife)EH congratulates on marrying TSE;b7 Mrs Eliot,

Tom has written me of your marriage. As you know, I believe, that I am one of his oldest friends, I want to be among the first of his American friends to write you my very best wishes for your happiness with him –: a relationship very different from the one you have already had, but with these seven years of working with him, you will have a firm mutual understanding of each other, and will find, I hope, both work and play of new orders of congeniality waiting you. I like particularly to think you will both have a home of your own which will be a comfort and pleasure. I shall expect to meet you one day – perhaps to welcome you to this country.

Sincerely yours
Emily Hale
Eliot, Esmé Valerie (née Fletcher, TSE's second wife), comes highly recommended as secretary, which she recalls becoming, ticked off indirectly by EH, but exclupated by TSE, on leave in Leeds, fending off invitations for TSE, types up The Confidential Clerk, gets EH ticket to Confidential Clerk, vets Muriel Spark, helps TSE with Christmas cards, marries TSE, TSE on marrying and widowing, EH congratulates on marrying TSE, continues temporarily as secretary, writes to EH, installed as newlywed at Kensington Court Gardens, TSE collecting photographs for, her father's death, receives photo from EH, and the Hale letters, Theresa on TSE's relations with, nurses TSE, shielded from EH's importunities, admired by EH, admired by TSE's family, urged to correspond with EH, meets EH,

7.EsméEliot, Esmé Valerie (née Fletcher, TSE's second wife) Valerie Fletcher (1926–2012) started work as TSE’s secretary on 12 Sept. 1949, and became his second wife on 10 Jan. 1957; after his death in Jan. 1965, his literary executor and editor: see 'Valerie Eliot' in Biographical Register.