Raymond Antrobus

Raymond talks about his work

Raymond reads 'Plantation Paint'

Raymond reads 'For Tyrone Givans'

Raymond reads 'Language Signs'

Raymond reads 'Sutton Road Cemetery'

Kayo Chingonyi

Kayo talks about his work

Kayo reads 'Guy's and St Thomas's'

Kayo reads 'Postcard from the Sholebrokes'

Kayo reads 'Language Signs'

Kayo reads 'Ginnel'

Victoria Kennefick

Victoria talks about her work

Victoria reads 'Cork Schoolgirl Considers the GPO, Dublin 2016'

Victoria reads 'Selfie'

Victoria reads '(M)eat'

Victoria reads 'Hunger'

Hannah Lowe

Hannah talks about her work

Hannah reads 'Players'

Hannah reads 'The Art of Teaching II'

Hannah reads 'John I: Pink Humming Bird'

Hannah reads 'The Only English Kid'

Michael Symmons Roberts

Michael talks about his work

Michael reads 'Rehearsal for the Death Scene'

Michael reads 'Episodics In Memory of My Father'

Michael reads 'Rehearsal for the Day of Joy'

Michael reads 'Custody of the Eyes'

Daniel Sluman

Daniel talks about his work

Daniel reads 'Single Window'

Daniel reads 'Care'

Daniel reads 'My Name is Called'

Daniel reads 'The Beautiful'

Joelle Taylor

Joelle talks about her work

Joelle reads 'Scene One'

Joelle reads 'Heaven, 1995'

Joelle reads 'Valentine'

Joelle reads 'Angel'

Jack Underwood

Jack talks about his work

Jack reads 'I am become a man'

Jack reads 'Behind the Face of Great White Shark'

Jack reads 'War the War'

Jack reads 'The Landing'

Kevin Young

Kevin talks about his work

Kevin reads 'Lillies'

Kevin reads 'Egrets'

Kevin reads 'Russet'

Kevin reads 'Sandy Road'