Introducing Mrs Eliot…

In the spring of 1958 the (relatively) new Mr and Mrs Eliot travelled to America for a month so that T. S. Eliot could introduce his new wife, Valerie, to his family. They sailed from Southampton to New York aboard the Media before flying to Texas for lecture engagements and then on to Cambridge, via New York, to spend time with various members of the Eliot family. READ

T. S. Eliot at Lloyds Bank

One hundred years ago this month, on 19 March 1917, T. S. Eliot started working as a clerk in the Colonial & Foreign Department at Lloyds Bank. Eliot enjoyed eight years with the bank until the autumn of 1925 when he left to begin a new career as editor and director at the newly established publishing house of Faber & Gwyer. READ

T. S. Eliot’s Crossword Puzzles


‘The appeal to my vanity is as great as that of finding a reference to myself and my works in The Times crossword puzzle’ – T. S. Eliot in a letter to writer and publisher Sydney Castle Roberts, November 1958. READ

From the Archive

The T. S. Eliot Estate continues to look after Valerie Eliot’s private collection of archives relating to T. S. Eliot. The collection includes T. S. Eliot’s personal and business correspondence, typescript drafts of lectures, speeches and plays, photographs, audio recordings, press cuttings, and scrapbooks Eliot created during his life with Valerie. READ