Reverend John Carroll Perkins, ca. 1900.
Collections of Maine Historical Society.

John Carroll Perkins


John Carroll Perkins (1862–1950), Minister of King’s Chapel, Boston – the oldest church (1717) in the USA. After graduating in 1882 from Bates College, with an MA in 1895, Perkins taught at West Lebanon Academy and Roxbury Latin School in Boston. Thereafter he seems to have attended at least one university in Germany, followed by a period at Harvard Divinity School where he attained bachelor and master of arts degrees. From 1892 he served as pastor of the First Parish Church of Portland, Maine; thereafter he moved to the west coast to become the founding pastor of the University Unitarian Church in Seattle, Washington, 1915–26. He was Minister-in-charge of King’s Chapel, Boston, 1927–31; Minister, 1931–3. See ‘Dr J. C. Perkins, Retired Minister’, New York Times, 25 Dec. 1950, 19. John Carroll Perkins, Annals of King’s Chapel: From the Puritan Age of New England to the Present Day, vol. III, 1895–1940 (Boston, 1940).