George Every


George Every (1909–2003), historian and poet. Educated at University College, Exeter (where he was tutored by Christopher Dawson), he joined in 1929 the Anglican theological college, House of the Sacred Mission, at Kelham, Nottinghamshire, where he lived until 1973. His works include Christian Discrimination (1940), The Byzantine Patriarchate (1947), Poetry and Personal Responsibility (1949); and articles and reviews in periodicals including Eastern Churches Review (of which for a time he was editor). Converting in 1973 to Roman Catholicism, he lived thereafter at St Mary’s College, Oscott (seminary of the Archdiocese of Birmingham). His friends included – in addition to TSE – Charles Williams, C. S. Lewis, Norman Nicholson, John Heath-Stubbs and Kathleen Raine. See further George Every, ‘Recollections of Charles Williams and Eliot’, Mythprint: The Monthly Bulletin of the Mythopoeic Society (Whittier, California), 2: 4 (Apr. 1975), 2–3.