Frederick May Eliot


Frederick May Eliot (1889–1958) – first cousin – educated at Harvard Divinity School (summa cum laude 1911), was Minister of Unity Church, St Paul, Minnesota, 1917–37; from 1937, President of the American Unitarian Association. He married in 1915 Elizabeth Berkeley Lee. His works include Fundamentals of Unitarian Faith (1927), Toward Belief in God (1929), and Samuel McCord Crothers, Interpreter of Life (1930). See too Frederick May Eliot: An Anthology, ed. Alfred P. Stiernotte (Boston, 1959); and John Kielty, ‘Frederick May Eliot’, The Inquirer, 26 Mar. 1960, 489: ‘It is rare that in one man are found the qualities of a good executive officer ably directing the day-to-day business of a religious body; the qualities of a mystic with a deep philosophic mind; and those pastoral qualities that reveal a deep concern for men, women and children as persons of infinite worth. Rare indeed that one man should possess all-round qualities to such a high degree …’