T. S. Eliot with Ralph Hodgson in Compayne Gardens, London, July 1932.
Ralph Hodgson and Aurelia Bolliger Hodgson Papers, Bryn Mawr College Library.

Ralph Hodgson


Ralph Hodgson (1871–1962), Yorkshire-born poet; author of The Last Blackbird (1907); winner of the 1914 Edmond de Polignac Prize of the Royal Society of Literature; lectured in English at Sendai University, Japan, 1924–38. He was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun, 1938; Annual Award of the Institute of Arts and Letters (USA), 1946; the Queen’s Gold Medal, 1954. Other works include A Song of Honour and The Skylark. See further Vinni Marie D’Ambrosio, ‘Meeting Eliot and Hodgson in Five-finger Exercises’, Yeats Eliot Review (2005); John Harding, Dreaming of Babylon: The Life and Times of Ralph Hodgson (2008). TSE to Colin Fenton, 22 Oct. 1963: ‘I took great delight in his company and saw a great deal of him during that one year … Hodgson well deserves a biographical record.’