Donald C. Gallup
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Donald Gallup


Donald Gallup (1913–2000) was for thirty-three years curator of the Yale Collection of American Literature at the Beinecke Library, and edited works on literary figures including TSE (1952, 1963), Ezra Pound (1969), Gertrude Stein, Thorton Wilder and Eugene O’Neill. See his two volumes of memoirs: Pigeons on the Granite: Memories of a Yale Librarian (1988) and What Mad Pursuits!: More Memories of a Yale Librarian (1998).

TSE wrote in an undated report to the Guggenheim Foundation:

I have known Dr Donald C. Gallup for a number of years and both from personal friendship and from knowledge of his work am prepared to recommend him most warmly. His position at Yale University should be enough in itself as a recommendation, but I can say for myself that his bibliography of my own work deserves the highest praise. It is most desirable that a biography [sc. bibliography] should at this stage be made of the work of Ezra Pound. It is a most difficult undertaking, but I do not know anyone so well qualified as Dr Gallup to carry it out with success. I support his candidature most cordially (Guggenheim).