Algar Thorold


Algar Thorold (1866–1936), diplomat, author, journalist, son of Bishop Anthony Wilson Thorold of Winchester, was editor of the Dublin Review, 1926–34. TSE wrote in a memorial note (Criterion, 1936, 68) that Thorold ‘had been a frequent contributor since very early in our history: his knowledge, especially of modern French philosophy and theology, was invaluable. Having written very few books – his [Six] Masters of Disillusion has been out of print for many years – he was not known to a very wide public, and another generation will not be aware that The Dublin Review, under his editorship, was one of the most distinguished periodicals of its time. Being half-French by birth, and at the same time thoroughly English, with the culture of the past and the curiosity of the present, he held a position as a man of letters such that we could say of him, that he was the sort of man whom we could ill afford to lose.’