Ailbhe Darcy

Ailbhe talks about her work

Ailbhe reads 'After my son was born'

Ailbhe reads 'Stink'

Ailbhe reads 'Still'

Terrance Hayes

Terrance talks about his work

Terrance reads 'My mother says I am beautiful inside'

Terrance reads 'The black poet would love to say his century began'

Terrance reads 'I lock you in an American sonnet that is part prison'

Zaffar Kunial

Zaffar talks about his work

Zaffar reads 'Prayer'

Zaffar reads 'The Word'

Zaffar reads 'Sparkhill'

Nick Laird

Nick talks about his work

Nick reads 'Fathers'

Nick reads 'The Vehicle and the Tenor'

Nick reads 'Incantation'

Fiona Moore

Fiona talks about her work

Fiona reads 'Night Letter'

Fiona reads 'In the middle of a discussion about Brexit'

Fiona reads 'To the Moon'

Sean O'Brien

Sean talks about his work

Sean reads 'You Are Now Entering Europa'

Sean reads 'One Way or Another'

Sean reads 'The Calm'

Phoebe Power

Phoebe talks about her work

Phoebe reads 'children'

Phoebe reads 'Eisblumen'

Phoebe reads 'Name'

Richard Scott

Richard talks about his work

Richard reads 'crocodile'

Richard reads'Oh My Soho!'

Richard reads 'love version of'

Tracy K. Smith

Tracy talks about her work

Tracy reads 'Wade in the Water'

Tracy reads 'The United States Welcomes You'

Tracy reads from 'I will tell you the truth...'

Hannah Sullivan

Hannah talks about her work

Hannah reads an extract from 'Three Poems'

Hannah reads an extract from 'Three Poems'

Hannah reads an extract from 'Three Poems'